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CV3D 8 Spot Fuse Block

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Looking for a fuse block that really fits the theme of your build? Introducing the CV3D 8 Spot Fuse Block! Available in multiple colors, Fuse blocks feature a sturdy 12mm base, 5/16" Stainless hardware, Acrylic cover and Plastic cap nuts to keep Everything safe and covered. Mounting holes are countersunk and hidden beneath the fuses once installed. The 8 spot fuse block differs from the others as it is a split body design. But do not be concerned, Once assembled it becomes one solid base. Do not be alarmed when you receive yours and it has a diagonal line through the center :) 

Fits standard ANL Style fuses

Lugs and fuses not included!

All Items are Made to Order, 1-2 week processing time should be expected.