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CV3D Drop-In Bassknob Repair Kit

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Sit on your bassknob and break the potentiometer? Drop it in a puddle and it hasn't worked right since? With our bassknobs becoming more popular by the day it is now more important than ever that the end user has the ability to fix them without worrying about shipping or warranty issues. 

We are very happy to introduce the Drop-In Bassknob repair kit! Just select whether you have a Bassic RCA bassknob or a modular length kit, Shape and the Color and you will receive a brand new Drop-In to match and fix all of your issues! 

Simply remove the knob top or cap, Remove the 10mm nut on the potentiometer and the 2 M3x.5 screws on the bottom and install the new parts in reverse order! 


**Only compatible with CV3D Bassknobs**