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CV3D GunSlinger Modular Length Bassknob System

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Cable Length

Please read as some options have changed.

Welcoming the CV3D Gunslinger to the Modular Length Bassknob lineup! With a slim and ergonomic shape, it fits a wide verity of hand sizes and isn’t harsh to hold. With its proprietary 35mm knob cap that fits beautifully to the body of the knob, you can stay in control of your power without the bulkiness of our 2” options.

Tired of ruining RCA's from bending them at the bassknob all the time? Want the option to have different length cables at different times of use? Short while dailying/demoing, long while doing SPL runs so you can sit on your roof, Here is the answer! Simply unscrew the cable And replace. Multiple cable lengths available. 

Breakout box is very compact, can be mounted nearly anywhere. From under your seat to behind the dash. This is where your input and output RCA connections will be made. 

Extra and replacement cables can be purchased here. Cable lengths available are 4, 6, 8 and 12ft! Plenty of versatility for any ride! 

Each kit includes 1 shielded cable, 1 breakout box to be mounted inside the vehicle and 1 CV3D Bassknob. Main Body Color choice will apply to Bassknob body Only. Breakout box Will be Black.