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CV3D HSVM V.1 Multi Function Voltmeter

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Do You Charge Over 17v?

It's Here!!

Welcoming the CV3D HSVM V.1 to the CV3D lineup! This Voltmeter is more than a simple voltage display. With Single and dual voltage mode You can setup your Voltmeter to your liking and see the voltage that mean most to you! 

With a Flush Mount Flange and locking Ring for the Back side, No glues or screws are needed to mount the meter! Simply trace the inside of the locking ring where you wish to mount the meter, Cut your hole, Slide the meter though and attach the locking ring from the back side and you're set!

Low Volt Hold is an amazing feature which Reads and holds the lowest voltage recorded for approx. 15 seconds. The Low Volt Hold updates indefinitely if the current voltage is lower than the previously held number. Every time the Low Volt Hold updates, the timer gets reset. So do your test burps with confidence knowing your volt meter will show you your drop even after the run is over!  

Meter comes standard with High and Low Voltage warnings! Low voltage warning will activate at voltages 11.5 and lower, High voltage warning will activate at voltages 17v and higher. If either of these warning are set, the Low Volt Hold feature will be replaced with the current voltage so you can keep an eye on the event.

If you charge over 17v we have you covered! Simply make the selection in the options list before adding to your cart! (an extra $10 charge will be added for the changes made to the programming. My time sadly isn't free.) If you suspect you will be changing to a 18v charging system later down the road please select the over 17v option now so you don't have to buy a whole new meter to accommodate.   

Main Voltage display is read on a rolling average to give you a quick, precise and readable display. 

3 or 4 wire operation is used on this meter, here is the wiring breakdown. 

  1. Red- Voltage sense 1, used by itself in single voltage mode or along side the yellow lead in dual voltage mode
  2. Yellow- Voltage sense 2, used by itself in single voltage mode or along side the red lead in dual voltage mode
  3. Black- Ground, easy enough, send this to a good ground source
  4. Blue- Switch, this wire should go on a switched or ignition B+ power source

Meter can safely read 0-25V on the sense leads and 6-25V on the switch lead. (6v minimum to power on the meter)

Each meter is individually calibrated before final assembly and heading to your ride! So buy with confidence knowing that you will have a smooth, high response and accurate volt meter!