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CV3D Rectangular Bassic to Modular Bassknob Upgrade Kit

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Have a CV3D Rectangular Bassic Bassknob and tired of fumbling with the rcas? Ready to make the move into a modular kit but don’t want to buy a whole new bassknob? Here’s the fix! This kit includes everything needed to Upgrade your Bassic Bassknob into a CV3D Modular length kit! Just select the color of your current Bassknob and the desired cable length! 

kit will include

(1) Modular knob drop in kit matching your color choice and 

(1) Modular kit cable matching your length choice


Simply removed the 2 M3 screws on the bottom of your Bassknob and the 10mm nut on the top under the knob cap, remove the drop in and install the new drop in in reverse order. Mount your breakout box in the desired location and connect your rcas. Finally connect your Modular cable between the Bassknob and the breakout box and you’re done!