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CV3D Simple External Head-Unit Case

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Head Unit Style

Tired of holding your bare head-unit while doing your SPL runs or While giving out those Nasty demos? Want to add a little color to your setup? 

This is a simple solution. Available in Multiple colors and 3 size variants. 

Models available for Media Receivers, full size single din and Now Double Din Head-Units! Single Din models have provisions on both sides of the bottom and Double Din model has a 50mm hole centered on the bottom for RCA and power connectors. These will fit nearly any head-unit on the market. If a fitment issue arises please contact us immediately. 

Simply remove the cage commonly used to secure head-unit in the vehicle dash kit and use the course threaded screws commonly supplied in that kit to secure head-unit to the case. 

Sold each, please allow 1-2 week build time on all orders.